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Kevin Hart Hilariously Investigates Why He’s Trending On Social Media


Comedian and actor Kevin Hart recently took to his social media accounts to investigate why he was trending on the social media platform. On Monday, the American celebrity shared a series of memes on his Instagram handle asking everyone if they know why he’s trending. He said, “Can somebody tell me why I am trending. […]

In A bittersweet The Last Of Us, Ellie Gets A Fleeting Taste Of Normal Teen Life


“Do you trust me with your life?” If someone asks that in The Last Of Us, as Riley (Storm Reid) does of Ellie (Bella Ramsey), it conveys a double message. It means, I will always protect you and also If you get infected, I will kill you. Both senses were acutely present in “Left Behind.” Not many episodes (or […]

The meaning of the cross of ashes on Ash Wednesday

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Have you ever wondered why Christians receive a little, dusty cross on their foreheads once a year? They are commemorating Ash Wednesday, which for many people also signals the beginning of Lent, a 40-day season of fasting and introspection preceding Easter. What you should know about a day associated with fasting and ash crosses. On […]

Super Bowl 57 final score: Chiefs top Eagles 38-35 thanks to late-game magic from Mahomes

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On one leg, Patrick Mahomes finished the job. His reward, other than resting an oft-injured ankle this postseason, is a second Lombardi Trophy for the reigning NFL MVP. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl 57 on Sunday, the team’s second title in four seasons. A controversial holding penalty by […]

On ‘This Is Why,’ Paramore sound like the band they’ve always wanted to be

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Hayley Williams has said on multiple occasions that Paramore never intended to become just a pop punk/emo band. They had so many other influences early on, but that’s the scene they got grouped with at the time, and probably due to various factors, it’s the direction they went in and it’s what many people still […]

The Bad Batch Hints Omega Is Force-Sensitive with ‘Tribe’ Episode


The biggest mystery in Star Wars: The Bad Batch is what makes Omega so special to perennial Star Wars villains, especially the Empire. In this case, she’s an “unaltered” clone of Jango Fett, meaning she is source of future genetic material for cloning. Yet, knowing what fans do about the Emperor’s ultimate plan, perhaps what […]

How to choose houses in the Hogwarts Legacy sorting quiz

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Just like in the Harry Potter books and movies, you can choose your house in Hogwarts Legacy through a Sorting Hat quiz. For the uninitiated, the four Hogwarts houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Gryffindors are brave and daring, Slytherins are cunning and ambitious, Ravenclaws are eccentric and intelligent, and Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and […]

Jay-Z Raps Nearly Five-Minute Verse in Last Supper-Inspired ‘God Did’ Performance to Close Out Grammys

Grammys Performance Jay Z 3

Jay-Z, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, John Legend and Fridayy delivered hip-hop lovers the ultimate treat with their Grammy performance of “God Did,” which closed out the 2023 ceremony. DJ Khaled started the performance from inside the arena before the camera cut outside, where Khaled joined Legend, Ross, Lil Wayne and more in […]

The ‘Black Panther’ Cast Can’t Stop Laughing or Dancing in the ‘Wakanda Forever’ Blooper Reel (Exclusive)

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We’re headed back to Wakanda for the delightfully hilarious Black Panther: Wakanda Forever blooper reel! The brief reel — which debuted exclusively on ET — gives fans a look at all the foul-mouthed flubs, forgotten lines and random dance parties that the cast broke out behind the scenes! Fans have already seen behind-the-scenes clips of […]

Happy birthday Harry Styles! Best songs of the generation-defining singer


Pop star Harry Styles has had an amazing journey. Going from the reality show circuit to being one of the most famous singers, his career graph is commendable. The singer featured as a solo contestant in The X Factor back in 2010 and then joined One Direction. He started off his solo career in 2015.Curating […]